I am so sorry....

Hello all of my friends in the world and unknown people in the world,

As you know from news, TEPCO and Japanese government struggle to cool down and confine Fukushima nuclear power plant. But the work is not perfect and we still have a lot of problem. One big issue relevant for everybody is environment pollution by radio active waste from the nuclear plants. Especially a considerable amount of radio active waste was already exhausted to Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere. I heard that small amount of Fukushima nuclear waste was already detected in the entire northern hemisphere. Of course the earth and environment are so enormous, powerful, and great, therefore the level of radio active waste was diluted enough and not harmful for people so far. But the source of the radio active waste is actually Japan. I am a Japanese and I really want to say my apology to everybody. Please give us any idea what can prevent to run off the radio active waste from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Basically this disaster was happened by natural disaster, but accidentally human errors were affected huge. Please think about that we use these kind of fragile technology. Our developed life is standing on these fragile technology. Unfortunately, nuclear technology is still under developing technology. We still have to find the solution for the way of nuclear waste processing. Please learn what we should do for next from this disaster.

This really reminds me "the world is all one". Human being is tiny powerless, but we have infinitude of intellectual possibilities. Now we have to move on ahead step by step....!

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Tokyo Biker Mommy さんのコメント...

Well said, Katsura. Good job at getting your thoughts out on such an emotional and confusing subject.

Vencislago さんのコメント...

Hello my big friend Katsura. In my humble opinion, you don't have to be sorry. It was was a natural catastrophe. The Japanese people didn't have fault. We feel sorry for your kind people and with what you are dealing right now.

Truly hope that everything goes well and Japan recovers good and fast!

Best regards from Portugal.