Thanks & Good bye Steve

When I started to use a personal computer, it was a Macintosh made by Apple Inc. My first PC was LC575 in 1994 and I had used it until 2003. In 1994, the WWW (internet) was not common. Instead of WWW, we used the PC communication named Nifty serve via modem.

In 2003, I bought an iBook. Even I bought new iBook, LC575 was used by father-in-law for communicating to us since we lived far from their house. We brought iBook to Belgium and used it everyday for a CD player, shopping something, booking for a trip, searching many things, etc.

Then, we bought a MacBook & ipod and are currently using them. Actually, we use Apple products everyday and we can not live without them anymore....

Thanks & good bye Steve Jobs.....

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